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NTTF Coatings GmbH is an emerging service company in the areas of coating, equipment manufacturing and development. NTTF is committed to issues of innovation and technology with renowned customers, among others in the medical device industry.

NTTF was founded in 2008 by Dr. Heinz Busch and Dr. Udo Grabowy. Since 2008 it is an ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified company.

In 2011 Tixx Coatings was founded as a subsidiary, which specialises in Parylene coating in the industrial sector.

The management of NTTF has more than 15 years of experience in medical technology and together with the entire team they stand for customer-oriented, goal and future-oriented services. NTTF focuses on the technical core competencies: coatings for medical applications, plant engineering and construction, development, and manufacture of medical Diangnostica, electronics, quality assurance, Due to the continuous expansion of our network NTTF can meet the special requirements of customers and works together with them to find unique solutions.

In addition, the NTTF is on the way to revolutionise the urinary analysis. The company has developed a diagnostic platform, on which doctors and patients will be able to determine and minimise the risk of urinary stones, based on the Bonn Risk Index. Moreover, they will be able to make statements quickly and safely about bone disease and the success of the treatment to accompany the bone affecting cancers and to optimise the choice of therapy. Via App the retained data is immediately accessible to the treating physician. This will be posssible at any time and any place without causing limitations in daily life or needing consultation of a physician.

Based in the idyllic rhine valley in Rheinbreitbach the initial focus lies on the DACH market. However, a European and international orientation will be pursued through continued organic growth while improving operating efficiencies through:

• the development of new coatings

• the investment in new coating technologies and broadening their applications

• leveraging our direct sales force and distribution network with new markets to expand

• expanding the market by adding new plants and consruction services



Recent News

21.04.15 - 23.04.15

NTTF Coatings to exhibit at Medtec Stuttgart


First plants to coat the inside of tubes are being manufactured with SPS and full automatic

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650.000 €

TURNOVER 2015 ( planned )

1,2 Mio. €



EMPLOYEES 2015 ( planned )



Dr. Heinz Busch (CEO)
Dr. Udo Grabowy (CEO)

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