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High power impulse magnetron sputtering: HiPIMS

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HiPIMS allows for high peak powers with concurrently low mean power and therefore low thermal load of target, substrate and coating device. The high peak power increases energy and degree of ionisation of the film forming particles compared to conventional magnetron sputtering. This leads to coatings with increased density, adhesion and smoothness. Furthermore homogeneous coatings can be achieved also on non-flat substrates.

In a current cooperative project, NTTF Coatings, ini Coatings and a research institute develop processes and devices to prepare heat- and wear-resistant amorphous carbon coatings with low coefficient of friction and good adhesion on slide bearings for efficient engines. Furthermore the coating speed is much higher than with conventional methods. The obtained coatings are characterised by the following parameters:

The Project

This project receives funding from the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Technology in the frame of the programme Zentrales Innovationsprogramm Mittelstand (grant reference: KF2672302BN3).



Maximum operation temperature

≥ 500 °C

Vickers hardness a-C:H

≥ 2500 HV

Vickers hardness TiC

≥ 3000 HV

Vickers hardness a-C

≥ 4000 HV

Rockwell adhesion class on steel

HF1 – HF2

Coefficient of friction against coating

≤ 0.08

Coefficient of friction against steel

≤ 0.12

Growth rate

≥ 1 µm/h